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QuadRed uniquely provides assessments, knowledge, and technology support exclusively for the global community of management consultants.
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QuadStrat - Strategic Performance Assessment
QuadStrat™ is an "MRI" of an organization, much like a 360 assessment is an MRI of a leader. QuadStrat™ quickly and conveniently evaluates 35 business disciplines. This assessment will pin point your clients' best opportunities for strategic business improvement.
QuadLead - Leadership Performance Assessment
QuadLead™ is a unique Leadership 360 Assessment that clearly evaluates a leader's skills in two key areas: Leadership Competence and Leadership Character. 12 fundamental Leadership Disciplines are evaluated and ranked. We invite you to take a look at our straightforward, easy-to-understand reports.
QuadBoard - Board Performance Assessment
QuadBoard™ assesses the overall effectiveness of a Board of Directors from two standpoints: (1) their ability to work together and (2) the degree to which they are in compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley-related governance best practices. Designed for Corporate and Non-Profit applications.
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